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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Mother Lovin' News - 01.20.2017


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live - 01.17.2017


Five Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live 01.17.2017:
The Miz Getting Some Main Event Love! -- Will It Last?
Natalya Gets Even Meaner! -- Who Knew She Had It In Her?
Ziggler Also Gets Even Meaner! -- Are We Believing It?
The Wyatt Family Is Fighting! -- Will This Help Any of Them?
Women's Cage Match! -- Was It Over-Shadowed?

SmackDown Live had another eventful night. They seem to still be firing on all cylinders.

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


The Miz has been putting in the best work of his career and it looks like he's poised to keep a spot at the top of the card.
SmackDown Live is right at the spot where they need to indroduce some new stuff and I think putting the Miz in the World Heavyweight Title mix is perfect.
The only concern is that right now AJ Styles holds the title and he's a heel. I would hope they don't give it to Cena as a way to transition it to Miz, as we've seen the Miz vs Cena thing already and I'd much rather find a way to get AJ as a face and then have a heel Miz battle him for the title.


Natalya is doing great work with this heel turn. I had all but given up on Nattie ever getting a real shot at a good storyline as her acting seemed way below par.
I'm happy to say I was wrong, as she's is spitting venom with this current run and the line about Nikki Bella being just like Bret Hart because they're both going to die alone was just vicious. I loved it.
I also like the angle of it clearly having a lot to do with jealousy as it's believable that she would be pissed at so many wrestlers that are no where near as good as her getting bigger spots. 


Dolph Ziggler certainly isn't wowing me with his acting skills, but it's much easier to pull off resting bitch face than a lot of other emotions, so I'm not hating it.
However, that interaction with Jerry Lawler went over really well, especially since they used the heat of attacking a hometown hero.
I kind of want Dolph to keep the super kick aimed at the heart from here on out. 


We knew this was coming sooner or later. It may not even happen quickly, they may draw it out over time, but Orton will be leaving the Wyatt Family eventually.
I've said it already in an earlier edition of Awesome Thoughts, but I want Luke Harper to come in with the swerve and attack Wyatt and side with Orton.
Let Harper be controlled by Orton and turn Wyatt face. The fans have been wanting to cheer Bray Wyatt since he showed up and they haven't really had a legitimate chance to do so.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 


Mickie James is back on the WWE main roster! But, is this over-shadowing the big draw of the Cage Match that they were trying to get over?
Ah, who cares! I think I called this on an earlier edition of Awesome Thoughts, but I'm glad Mickie is the person behind the La Luchadora mask. It throws another wrinkle into this storyline and can perhaps now take Becky Lynch's attention away and we can get Alexa Bliss another woman to feud against.
Who should that be? Let me know your choice by using #TweetTheTable on Twitter and it might get read on the next available episode of The Spanish Announce Table podcast!

You can hear more of my awesome thoughts on pro-wrestling each and every week by listening to The Spanish Announce Table Podcast where my co-host T-Mac and I discuss all the hottest topics of the week.

- Captain Awesome

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Awesome Thoughts about RAW - 01.16.2017


Five Awesome Thoughts about RAW 01.16.2017:

Streak vs  Dream! -- Which Matters More?
Brock vs Braun! -- A Passing of the Monster Torch?
The Gentlemanly Pop! -- When Will We Forfeit the Novelty?
Kurt Angle Returns! -- But For How Long?
Alica Still Crazy Like a Fox! -- Will it Mean Anything?

The Royal Rumble is getting ever closer, and the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together. Is the picture any clearer yet?

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


I liked this segment between Charlotte and Bayley, even if the two of them were obviously nervous and clearly had a very strict script to stick to.
It's the perfect tale of a privleged, genetically-gifted star versus the average "Jane" who has been dreaming of this her whole life and working tirelessly just to get the shot.
The thing is, Charlotte has to win. The streak of wins at PPVs still has a lot of gas in the tank, and the dream can still be an even bigger story as well, if Bayley falls short this time. I think both participants are served better if Charlotte wins a hard-fought battle.


Braun Strowman is about as close to a total package as we've gotten in a super big man in a very long time. He's not a total package, but he's a lot closer to one than we usually get.
WWE is working hard to make this guy a believable bad ass monster and it is clearly working when that pop hit during the stare-down between him and Brock Lesnar.
There is still a lot of gas in the tank of Brock Lesnar so I don't think we'll see that showdown anytime soon, as I think that when we do, Lesnar will do the job to give Strowman that final shove.
I also think it's a little too early yet to see Strowman winning the Rumble, but I like that he's getting a lot of the spotlight.


So the whole Jack Gallagher thing is fun, but it's going to fade soon. It's a novelty. We saw a little bit of this with the Vaudevillians. It's pretty much the same thing.
That said, if they can keep coming up with new ways to put an old timey spin on something, like they've done with the I Forfeit match, then by all means, keep doing so.
Do you have any ideas that they could use? Let me know by using #TweetTheTable on Twitter and we might read them on the next episode of The Spanish Announce Table podcast.


Kurt Angle is awesome. He's one of my all-time favorites and it's super cool to see him acknowledged with such a high honor as headlining the WWE Hall of Fame induction class.
I was worried for a while that he may get the silent treatment, given all of his past issues, but I think his recent media tour that he did to help shed light on prescription drug addiction helped him a lot.
I hope we get to see more of him than just the Hall of Fame ceremony also. I have seen anything yet that gives me any indication that we will, but I really hope we do.


So we're seeing the return of the Alicia Fox meltdowns, but I'm not so sure this going to provide anything productive.
Seeing her go bat-shit crazy once or twice is fun, but after a short time it gets really old and really forced. There's only so much one can do when they're flying off the handle. You throw stuff, you scream, and that's about it.
I don't see how this helps her character or the storyline she's in at all.

You can hear more of my awesome thoughts on pro-wrestling each and every week by listening to The Spanish Announce Table Podcast where my co-host T-Mac and I discuss all the hottest topics of the week.

- Captain Awesome

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live - 01.10.2017


Five Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live 01.10.2017:
Nasty Natty! -- Can She Keep This Up?
The Wyatt Family Feud! -- Will It Be How We Expect?
Super Cena! -- Does WWE Still Not Get It?
Ziggler's Still A Heel! -- But, Barely?
Carmella and Ellsworth Sitting In A Tree! -- But-For-How-L-O-N-G?

Another week, another SmackDown Live. Are they keeping up their momentum?

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


I'm super glad Natalya finally turned heel. It's a believable gripe to portray, and I think she's pulling it off really well.
She shouldn't stop here either. She should run through Nikki Bella, and then move on to the next "pretty-girl" that she feels only got where she is because of her looks.
This is the first time Nattie has been intriguing to watch since she was teaming with Beth Phoenix.


We saw a little more discension in the ranks of The Wyatt Family this week, and I'm glad we did.
Clearly Randy Orton being in The Wyatt Family can't go on forever, so I'm sure this will lead to something at WrestleMani, but can they throw us a curveball? Will Luke Harper actually turn on Wyatt and follow Orton?
Think about Orton being the evil, mind-controlling leader of Luke Harper. Wouldn't that be fun?


They don't get it. WWE just does NOT get it. They have been clearly booking Corbin strong with the intent of getting him into main event territory, which they have sort of accomplished, but they just had him take one AA from Cena and get pinned.
Now, I know one single loss doesn't completely obliterate his push, but it certainly doesn't make him look very credible right now. Nor does it help the storyline of "Cena's time is over" that you've been using with Corbin.
Make it look at least a LITTLE like Cena had to pull something out of his bag of tricks. ANYTHING!


Okay, so Dolph Ziggler is clearly a heel now, right? I mean he's walking around with resting bitch face, and he's beating up the babyfaces, so that's all that's needed, right?
I hope maybe they're just slow-playing this but I'd like to see him change up his geat and music a little bit. I get he can still be the "show-off" and "Mr. Steal Your Girl", but he would definitely need to finish this "I'm angry at everyone and want them to leave me alone" thing first.
As of right now, it's seeming hard to care about why's he's angry, and that is NOT what you want out of a heel turn. 


I'm still on this. I like this angle a lot, and I like that Carmella is about to take James Ellsworth shopping, I want him to start being the one that gets over on Carmella.
I already discussed how I want James to eventually be revealed as a smart, cunning guy that was actually the one using Carmella the whole time to get a piece of tail he likely had ZERO shot at. However, what if that wasn't even the case and what if we stick with Ellsworth's recent proclivity to make really dumb choices?
So, Carmella keeps having James around, thinking she's just using him as a pawn, but then starts to fall for some of his inexplicable charm. At the same time, James starts, for some reason, believing her attention means that he is actually desirable to the other ladies on SmackDown. Now of course, those other ladies will see the potential to use him like Carmella was and one of them will eventually lure James away, crushing Carmella's heart in the process, turning her baby face, and then James gets used and dumped by the other girl.
Good heel heat for whoever that girl is, great face turn for Carmella, and James gets to stay the same guy who keeps making dumb choices and gets in his own way.

You can hear more of my awesome thoughts on pro-wrestling each and every week by listening to The Spanish Announce Table Podcast where my co-host T-Mac and I discuss all the hottest topics of the week.

- Captain Awesome

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